imageI was excited to start Jason Vadovich’s nutrition and workout program after working with him once before. For a few months before starting my online personal training with him I was struggling to find something that worked for me. I bounced between different fad diets, calorie counting, and mediocre workouts consisting of things I knew really little about. Thank goodness for his online training services because it made receiving guidance so easy!

The first month I won’t lie when I say it was the toughest to get used to. His nutrition plan is extremely radical but proven to give you results. Within a week and a half I had dropped 5 lbs after being at a plateau for several months!!!!!! The initial personal training workouts he gave me were easy to understand & follow. It was hard to break the “lift heavy all the time mentality for results” mindset but after following his instructions I began to notice muscle definition changes as well as having more control over the weight I was moving around (which he taught me was so important!)

The second month was a lot easier as he began to introduce a different variety of food choices to make meal planning and eating right tasty but healthy. The workouts gradually became more intense focusing on a perfect balance of mobility, form, strength & endurance. I could tell a big difference in my overall energy daily as well as the changes in my body. It was certain that his vast knowledge was working as I had previously worked with many trainers before him and never saw the kind of results I had in such little time.

The third month became a bit more challenging due to motivation issues. Life was throwing curve balls as it usually does, but with his support he kept me going, motivated me, and gave me pep talks as well as suggestions via email, text and messaging. Jason really loves his career and it shows. He genuinely wants people to succeed and will do anything necessary to accommodate & help his clients whenever necessary. As previously stated I had tried many different programs, diets, trainers, etc and I will attest to the fact that Jason’s personalized nutrition and workout program is perfect for anyone in any stage of their fitness journey. Thank you Jason Vadovich for being such an amazing trainer! I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals without with your knowledge, guidance and assistance. 


Online Personal Training Client




My time with Jason as my personal trainer was great! I had enough, needed a change. The thing about working with Jason is that he isn't

just focused on helping me look better. He helped me get healthier. I got my blood work done after training with him and EVERYTHING improved! And he helped improve my posture! Obviously I lost weight and inches but I was really surprised at all the other benefits!! Thank you Jason!!


One on One Personal Training Client




I am not a normal client. I actually won personal training sessions with Jason from an auction. Jason doanted his time to help get donations for a good cause. I was nervous to start since he works out of a boxing gym. Boy am I glad I finally went in. He took great care of me. Never judge a book by it's covers. He looks mean (and his is in a good way, with his workouts ha!) but he really cares. He spent so much time learning what I wanted to really do and helped me get great results!!


One on One Personal Training Client