8 week nutritional course.

My nutrition program is an 8 week intensive course on creating better nutrition habits. Each session is one hour long. Every week you and I will learn new things about nutrition and strategies to keep you on track!


Week 1: Shopping (you and I go to the grocery store you shop at most frequently.

Week 2: The kitchens clean up (I meet you at your home; we go through your kitchen making it an optimal place to help you reach your goals)

Week 3: Lessons on sugar (You and I will go over the ins and outs of sugars)

To optimize your results add a session of one on one personal training (special discounts for bulk session).


8 week program costs $560

Online personal training

Can't see me in person? Or just need to budge? Here is an affordable way to get into the best shape of your life. 

What you get: 30 minute phone session once a month (or more with upgrades) 2 workout plans per month, with access to online database of exercise demos. Customizable meal plan and supplement plan. Free access to fitness and nutrition education. Unlimited access to email contact an text contact with me. 100% money back  guarantee (must follow guidelines 100%)


 This package range from $40 per month $150 per month 

One on one Personal Training (weight/fat loss)

 One on one training. This is a personalized program designed to get you  enhanced results.  Each Personal Training session I designed it work out to get you Optimal results. You also get a customized meal plan, supplement plan, education and accountability.

  The Personal training sessions range from $25 per session to $75 per session depending on the type of training packages. (half hour vs hour and how many times per week).


Private boxing sessions.

 This program is designed to teach you from basics to advanced on how to box. You also get a fantastic workout increase coordination Burn calories and have a lot of fun. The sessions are generally 30 minutes. $25 to $75 per session (half hour vs hour, and amount of sessions bought up front).