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Jason Vadovich

When I say I'm here to help you see change, I am not just saying it. I've been there, just look at the pictures. I have and STILL struggle to this day to stay on track. I truly know what you are going through. Give yourself the chance to see real change come train with me!! I will be your boxing, personal trainer and nutritional coach!!

I am a certified fitness and personal trainer, as well as a certified boxing trainer. I use dotFIT to help accelerate your fitness results. You can train with me in person or online. I am here to help you see the best results possible, in the shortest time, while still living a normal lifestyle.


Personal training is the best way to see results. You get personal attention to your goals, and fitness level. Each workout is designed specifically for you, and your physical needs. As you personal trainer I will incorporate all aspects of the 4 pillars of fitness to make sure you see the best results in the shortest time without the yoyo weight loss/gain. 


Mention my website and get a FREE personal training session!!image

13637 N Tatum blvd
Inside knockout fitness
Scottsdale, AZ 85032

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